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Prosthetic Treatment Modalities on Zygomatic Implants: A Review

Harshita Goyal, Abhishek Nagpal, Jaiveer Singh Yadav, Omkar Shetty, Bhupender Yadav, Reshu Madan

Keywords : Bar, Hybrid denture, Locator, Overdenture, Telescopic attachments, Zygomatic implant

Citation Information : Goyal H, Nagpal A, Yadav JS, Shetty O, Yadav B, Madan R. Prosthetic Treatment Modalities on Zygomatic Implants: A Review. 2023; 11 (3):124-127.

DOI: 10.5005/djas-11014-0026

License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Published Online: 30-12-2023

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2023; The Author(s).


Severely atrophic maxilla, often accompanied by sinus pneum, poses significant challenges in dental implant treatment. This condition is characterized by a substantial reduction in bone volume and can complicate implant placement and prosthetic rehabilitation. For resorbed maxilla with sinus pneumatization and in partially or completely resected maxilla, zygomatic implants have come up as a predictable treatment modality, thus reducing the risk of complex surgical procedures/grafting procedures. There are different prosthetic options available for rehabilitation similar to conventional implants. This article aims to review the available prosthetic options and their outcomes of prostheses supported by zygomatic implants.

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